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Buying and owning land, for a multitude of reasons, beckons many to Alabama. Many of us just want to enjoy the outdoors, work the land, or share memories with their family. Others seek to invest in timberland or recreational properties for hunting deer and turkey. The Southern Land Brokers created the Land in Alabama site to share the land ownership opportunities available.  Owning a tract of land is a lifelong dream for most outdoorsman and that land can be passed down from generation to generation, carrying on traditions for many to enjoy.

Integrity First


David Harrell, founder of The Southern Land Brokers, was born and raised in central Alabama.  Being an avid outdoorsman and hunter his entire life has given David Harrell the well-rounded knowledge of what land in the South is all about. Over fifteen years ago, David began his career in the recreational and timberland business selling properties and working personally with clients to manage and improve their properties. Now he manages over 10,000 acres for timber and wildlife production.  His primary focus is sharing knowledge with clients, to help them understand their land investments and then matching them with the best property to meet their needs.

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